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About us

  • Some of the first members of Women's Charity Society ”Mother's Love“ (Women's Charitable Society ”Mother's Care“).

    Some of the first members of Women's Charity Society "Mother's Love" (Women's Charitable Society "Mother's Care").
    ©Photo from the archive of WCS "Mother's Care".

    2019 marked the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Women's Charity Society "Mother's Love" (Women's Charitable Society "Mother's Care") on the initiative of the head teacher at the Gabrovo School Dimitar Enchev.

    Some of the most active periods of its existence as an educational and charitable organization are associated with the years before the Liberation and the 1920’s and 1930’s. Although 1944 did not put an end to the activities of "Mother's Care", it was already a pale shadow of its past.

    Its existence was suspended in 1950, when a decision of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party approved the closure of all women's societies.

    On the 17th of October, 1992, an initiative committee, supported by members of the women's charity, resumed its activities.

  • The first members of Mother's Care Women's Charitable Society

    On the 17th of October 1992, the Initiative Committee resumed the activities of the Women's Charitable Society "Mother's Care".
    ©Photo from the archive of WCS "Mother's Care".

    Chairwomen of the restored
    "Mother's Care" Society

    1992 - 1993
    Sabka Karagiozova
    1994 - 1995 Maria Semerdzhieva
    1996 Ganka Shivarova
    1997 - 2000 Maria Semerdzhieva
    2001 Dimka Petrova Stoeva
    2002 - 2021 Ganka Shivarova

    Since 2021 Stefka Vasileva is the new chairwoman of the Society.

Our Purpose

The main Society's objectives according to its Articles of Association are:


Supporting disadvantaged individuals and supporting public organizations with the same goals.


Supporting gifted children to participate in national and international competitions and providing scholarships.


Validation of the Association as a center for cultural and spiritual communication in the region.

Activities and initiatives

  • The Society is the initiator of numerous campaigns and actions

    ”Lunch Table“ is a project that provides free lunch for pupils.

    "Lunch Table" is a project that provides free lunch for pupils.
    ©Photo from the archive of WCS "Mother's Care".

    Subscription for the restoration of the chapel of the ruined convent "Sveto Blagoveshtenie" in 1996. The funds raised from the Mask Ball of Sirni Zagovezni, organized in February, were provided for the campaign.

    Work on the projects "Gabrovo against women’s cancer", "Children help children"; project "Traditions do not grow old" together with the Gabrovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the European Info Center, etc.

    For 10 years, "Mother's Care" has been implementing a project, together with the twin city of Thun, Switzerland, to provide free lunch to socially disadvantaged students in grades I - IV from the schools of Gabrovo. After 2011, the project has been implemented for several years with its own funds, raised by organizing culinary exhibitions, charity concerts, balls and exhibitions.

    One of the most sustainable and popular actions is the Charity Culinary Exhibition - Petkovden Bazaar - the holiday of the spiritual patron of Gabrovo St. Petka. Through this initiative, the ladies of the Society, with the support of restaurants from the city of Gabrovo, raise funds to support gifted children in need - for their participation in national and international competitions and the provision of scholarships.

    In 2018, on the idea of "Mother's Care", an initiative was taken to raise funds for the construction of a monument of Alexander Kerkov - the first Bulgarian composer of fanfare music, one of the pioneers of jazz in Bulgaria and an emblematic citizen of Gabrovo.

    Concept design of Alexander Kerkov's monument, created by the sculptor Georgi Balabanov.

    Concept design of Alexander Kerkov's monument, created by the sculptor Georgi Balabanov.
    ©Photo from the archive of WCS "Mother's Care".

  • Photos from different activities of Women's Charitable Society ”Mother's Care“

    The Society actively participates in all charitable actions of the Municipality of Gabrovо.

    Over the years, assistance has been provided in the purchase of medications and treatment for disabled, lonely elderly people and others in need.

    On the occasion of the great Christian holidays, the ladies from "Mother's Care" visit kindergartens and elderly homes, support financially graduating students in the preparation of their proms.

    It grants scholarships to children with special needs or in a difficult financial situation, but with success in school.

    Concerts, balls, exhibitions, popularizations of traditional holidays and customs in cooperation with related structures, exchange of experience and usage of the achievements of modern European society - these and many other activities are aimed at expanding and supporting social integration and personal realization of the people in need. Representatives of the organization participate in a number of national and international events and initiatives dedicated to the role of women in modern society.

  • Charitable funds of the Society

    A student from the Aprilov National High School receives the prize from the fund ”Tota Venkova - the revivalist“ in 2019.

    The student Lyubka Lyubenova from 12 D class, from the Aprilov National High School, receives the financial prize from the fund "Tota Venkova - the revivalist" for 2019.
    ©Photo from the archive of WCS "Mother's Care".

    In search of continuity in 1994 the fund with the name of Hadji Radka Semova was restored, it existed in the past and every year an award and a diploma were awarded to a graduate of the Vocational School of Textile and Fashion Design (the fund existed until the school closed).

    In 1995, a fund in the name of Stefana Bogdan Gencheva (another activist and chairwoman of the Society with breaks from 1922 to 1944) was established. The funds from this fund are intended for gifted children from various fields of science and arts. The assisted children present themselves with dignity and return with medals and awards from competitions and contests in the country - Blagoevgrad, Ruse, Varna and Shumen, and abroad - Portugal, Australia, USA and Indonesia.

    In 2002 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the first Bulgarian female doctor and the first scholarship holder of the "Mother's Care" Society – Dr. Tota Venkova, the donation fund "Dr. Tota Venkova" was founded. This fund is subsequently divided into:

    "Dr. Tota Venkova – the revivalist" Fund established on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of Aprilov High School. Every year this fund donates an award and a diploma to the distinguished high school graduates from the Aprilov National High School.

    Fund "Dr. Tota Venkova - the healer", which donates financial and non-financial means to the first child born on Maternity Day - January 21st. The activity of this fund lasted two years.

    In 2017, our long-time giver Lalio Metev wanted to establish a fund in the name of his mother - Elenka Hristova Meteva. The funds are donated only by Lalio Metev and at his will are given to orphans and socially disadvantaged students. Unfortunately, after the death of Mr. Metev's mother, the activities of this fund were terminated.

    This is a small part of the huge activity of "Mother's Care", which will continue in the coming years in the name of goodness and humanity.

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